Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've been finding some rather interesting graffiti around. Lots of random strings of numbers and bits on binary. The phrases "BELIEVE" and "YOU ARE NOT ALONE" keep cropping up as well. Weird. I normally don't like graffiti...but it seems nice, that somebody's leaving messages to reassure someone all over our city.

I fell over at work and twisted my ankle today. D:

How is everybody?


  1. Well, those phrases are hopeful, at least. :)

    Ohhh nooooo! Are you alright? :(

    I'm GREAT! :D I just feel... supercharged!

  2. Ankle? I feel for you.

    I wish graffiti artists in my neighbourhood would do something new and fun.

  3. Graffiti in my area isn't that nice, sadly.

    And sorry for your ankle, I hope it feels better quickly!

    Feeling better than usual, getting over this damn cold I've had for the past few days.
    I can breathe again, so today is GREAT. c:

  4. Could be a litle better. Yyou know how it is, reserch and sutff. But it totally sucks bout your ankle/

    I'd be fine with grafit if it din't kill the enviroment so much.

    Feelin' better/?

  5. Jean! I haven't seen you since that chatroom we used to talk on shut down :(

    Yeah, my ankle feels a lot better now. I just needed to rest it for a day, It still hurts a bit but I can rest my weight on it now.


  6. .. right, yeaha, that chatroom and stuff. Yeah, had to stalk you through the internets a little.. not creepy. Too bad about hte chatroom, btu maybe we're better off being able to go outside, lol.

    Glad yoru ankle feels abetter. How's' Chester by the by?

  7. Since you asked, I'm fine. Uni, work, Vivi, same as normal really. Nothing unusual. It's nice to see you.

    I miss that chatroom. I mean, you guys over there, you got us together? Good times, those were.


  8. If the question's still open, I'm...esqueish.

    Was it really cool graffiti? Or just words?