Monday, April 18, 2011


for the absence, one of our friends had a nervous breakdown and we ended up taking care of her for a while. It's been over a week since her little meltdown, and she still hasn't told us what exactly it's about. I know it's something to do with one of her friends going batshit but no more than that. All I know is I get a frantic call from one of her roommates, saying Stella was in a really bad way and could we please, please come and help calm her down, and gave us her address.

So we went over there and calmed her down. We met her two roomates, Frank (the guy who called us) and Harry, who both seemed like pretty nice guys, if really shy and quiet. I spoke to Harry at one point and he looked like a frightened animal the entire time. Jeez, I'm not the bogeyman.

She's been staying with us up until now. She's going back tonight. I've told her if she needs someone to talk to or if she wants anything just to drop us a line.

I hope she's okay. I worry about her.


  1. Ah, I've spoken to Harry before.

    Yeah, he's a bit paranoid until he gets to know people. I can't exactly say why, but I know he's harmless.

  2. He strikes me as harmless, personally. I'm not worried about either of them hurting Stella. Harry is built like a scarecrow and Frank seems fairly amiable, so I'm really more worried about her terrifying them.