Thursday, April 21, 2011

Are you afraid of the dark?

I find it odd that some people are. The dark makes you blind, true, much like ignorance. And I can understand disliking ignorance. If you don't know things, you're blinder than I am without my glasses.

I guess, fear of the dark is fear of ignorance. Which makes sense, I guess.

But nevertheless, sometimes I stand in my window looking outside into the blackness, and I'm not afraid of it, because I know, if I have a light, I can chase it away.

And if I don't have a light?

Night vision. Hehe.



  1. I'M afraid of the dark because I always suspect that there's a monster hiding there, waiting to get me. In my less lucid moments, the "monster" becomes a ninja clown or something silly like that.

  2. Monsters aren't real, though. They're just nightmares. Once you wake up, you're safe. They can't really touch you.


  3. Trust me, there are some nightmares and monsters that are real.

    They're called people.

  4. I just have an anxiety disorder, so I get a pass when it comes to fear of the dark. And, oddly enough, that's the only thing I'm really scared of. Except clowns. But even that's not fear so much as it is a mild icky feeling. *shudders* Freaking clowns...